Demolition. Done Right.

Safety-conscious, cost-effective commercial and residential construction and demolition services since 2004.



We specialize in structure demolition, including barns, houses, in-ground pools, commercial buildings, light industrial sites, and warehouses.


We are a full-service site work contractor, specializing in underground utility installation and earthwork with GPS grade control.


As a family-owned business, we take exceptional pride in our demolition, excavation, and construction work. We offer a solid, safety-conscious, cost-effective approach toward every client’s project.


Frequently Asked Questions

With Lopes the demolition process is easy. One call and we take care of the rest.

  1. Contact us by phone or email. We will get some details about your project, the address, and your contact information.
  2. We will schedule a time to visit the site. This may not even require you be present depending on the project and the property.
  3. We will email you a proposal with a scope of work and estimate for your approval. Upon receiving your signed copy and deposit, we will begin applying for permits and getting paperwork completed
  4. After receiving all shut of notices and gaining the construction permit the work can begin! It’s Demo time!

Lopes will leave your property properly and professionally graded for whatever project comes next!

No, Lopes Demolition will secure all disconnect letters and required permits as part of our proposal. We will be in contact with you throughout the process so you are fully informed.

Main Factors Affecting House Demolition Costs:

  • Size of the structure.
  • Construction style and materials used for the building. Heavier constructed buildings generally cost more to dispose of.
  • Accessibility and other location specific factors.

Call us today at (856) 223-9044 to discuss your project. We can explain any other questions you may have and also schedule a site visit.